Today's Journal


Recently Roz and I went shopping. She actually went into the market and I actually did not which is our usual shopping order. Typically I sit in the car and watch people while Roz shops for stuff. Hey, it works out good.

On this particular shopping trip as I sat watching I saw a man about 51 years old leaning against a building wearing a Superman t-shirt and intently looking into a 2 inch screen on his phone. I thought, this is going to be trouble because there are no longer any phone booths for him to really change into his real Superman outfit. (And many are asking: What is a phone booth anyway?) If he can’t run into a phone booth and change what will he do? Then I knew: Nothing, because the little phone has even destroyed Superman. What does he do now? Stand around and finger-peck on the little phone. Another hero gone.

Knowing this just makes me feel more vulnerable and phobic and unprotected.

“Someone did touch me, for I was aware that power had gone out of me.” Jesus