Today's Journal


In a recent Barna Survey (Barna is a Christian Reseach Group) they interviewed a large group of US adults to define evangelical Christians. By far the largest opinion was a political definition. This is really scary-Larry because this means that most folks think if we are Christians we are Republican or Independent or Puritan or Pilgrim or Libertarian or some political group with our head in the sand and values and ideas belonging to another century and totally out of touch with reality. The idea in these assumptions is that Christians are Conservatives… whatever that might possibly mean. Maybe it means conservative in love, forgiveness, and giving.

The sad perception for me is that anyone would decide and associate my faith and following of Jesus Christ in some kind of political structure and philosophy. It must mean that our Christ-like behavior and attitudes are not as bright and shining as some of our goofy political opinions. Politics mean nothing in my decision to follow Jesus. To even be put into this kind of classification is sad and distressing to me. We cannot mix politics and religion. They will present and assume the results of this Barna survey: false religion and false politics. The political process of our culture will not determine my faith and hope…but the Kingdom of God will.

“Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.” Jesus