Today's Journal


What is apparent is that the beginning of the church is not at Pentecost, but in the Gospels. Probably the instability of most of church history is because people have started with the Acts of the Apostles instead of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. To start with the movement and the organization of the church before we start with the motion and order of Jesus is very backward. Jesus is the Pattern, not the Book of Acts. It is a Person before it is an institution. To begin with Acts starts the process of forming those of the faith. The gospels form faith itself.

The changes are simple, direct and encompassing. The gospels come with single digit choices. We are given options and opportunities to say, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the Master. He is either another prophet or He is the Son of God. After this choice we must keep on choosing because by our needs and His miracles we must keep making Him the Son of God. The other choices are what do we do with His beatitudes, parables, and sermons? What do we do with the way He treated and dealt with everyone? What do we do with love? How can we even dream of such choices? Why would anyone forgive an enemy? Until these, and many other things are thoroughly paraded before our minds and lifestyles with intent to emulate Jesus, we have no need for the book of the Acts.

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Jesus