Today's Journal



Spam is a several meats in one meat delight. It comes in a can as a loaf and may be cut into eight slices, or enough for four sandwiches. A long-time family favorite.


1 can Spam (Original)
Yellow Mustard
Iceberg Lettuce
Choice of Bread


Heat 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in a cast iron skillet or griddle.
Place the sliced Spam in medium hot oil to cook to a golden brown on both sides.
Put Yellow Mustard on the bread, and add two slices of Spam and Lettuce. (Optional: thinly sliced white onions.)

Serve with a side of Chips, Fries, Pinto Beans or Fried Okra, Fried Potatoes, or Baked Sweet Potatoes and Tums.

One can of Spam makes four sandwiches or one meal for two of two sandwiches each or one each for two meals or two or four meals for one. This math is too much for me.

This savory meat may be used for other delicious meals:
- Scrambled eggs, friend potatoes and one-inch cubes of Spam with onions, jalapeños and spices.
- Top Ramon with one-inch cubes of Spam with onion and cilantro…or Spam and Spaghetti.
- Macaroni and Cheese with one-inch cubes of Spam.

Nutrition: The four food groups of meat, bread and mustard and lettuce.

I don’t share these recipes with just anyone.

“I have food to eat that you do not know about.” Jesus